Thursday, April 17, 2014

Rolling on to Kentucky

We left Nashville around noon today and headed north to Kentucky.

Our primary goal for the day was to visit the Mammoth Caves and possibly visit a distillery or two along the way up to Frankfort.  Unfortunately we didn't find enough time to get to the bourbon.  That'll have to wait for tomorrow.

As far as size goes, Mammoth Caves is impressive.  Certainly not the most beautiful though.  If you're looking for beautiful caves, I'd highly recommend Horn Lake Caves Provincial Park on Vancouver Island.  We visited Horn Lake last year during our yearly family visit to Qualicum beach.  The Horn Lake caves offer you the chance to see some very interesting calcite formations, very close up.  You see the odd interesting formation at Mammoth, certainly nothing that compares to Horn Lake.

Regardless, here are some pictures from Mammoth caves:

The following column-like formations were the most interesting thing that we saw at Mammoth:

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