Sunday, April 13, 2014


We arrived in Memphis late Saturday afternoon.  We're staying downtown, which is great.

Memphis has a very walkable downtown.  Plus an electric trolley that goes up and down main street, which makes it even easier to get around.  Last night we walked from our hotel, down toward Beale to have some dinner and get to know the town.  What you get here is a well planned, safe, fun experience.  Living and/or working in downtown Memphis looks to be a ton of fun.  Here's a look at the Main Street trolley:

Our plan for dinner was to try to find a barbeque place that our flight attendant from our San Fran to Kansas City flight had recommended.  It took us a bit of sleuthing to figure out where the "barbeque place down an alley, near the hotel where the ducks walk in to the lobby" was.  The hotel being the Peabody, the barbeque place being Charles Vergos' Rendezvous:

This place is an absolute zoo.  People stream in and out of here.  The wait time for a table was around 45 minutes, so we put our names in and went down the street to the Flying Saucer to get a drink.  The food here is fantastic.  I'm not the biggest fan of dry style ribs (with rub and in this case quite spicy, but no sauce ever added), but these were pretty well done, certainly the best bbq we've had on our trip so far.

After dinner we walked down to Jerry Lee Lewis' bar on Beale street.  I don't know how they handle things other nights of the week, but last night they'd shut the Beale Street area down and turned it in to a Bourbon Street-like experience.  There were people, music and drinks everywhere.  Anyway, lots of fun to finish off the night and Carol rubbing my lucky, bbq stuffed belly:

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