Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Nashville vs Memphis

We've now visited the two cities that we most wanted to see during our time here, Memphis and Nashville.

For being only a 3 hour drive away from each other they have very different feels.  Memphis is the largest city in Tennessee.  Nashville is second largest.  That seems to be where the similarities end.  To me, it feels like Memphis is a big city that's trying everything it can do to be a small town.  Nashville is a relatively small city that's doing just about all it can to be a big town.

For example, within their downtown core, Nashville has recently built a giant convention center, hockey arena, country music hall of fame, and symphony hall with even more big development on the way.  They're doing everything they can here to build a bigger and bigger city.  From a tourism perspective, Nashville tries to milk every cent out of you that they can, whether it be the cost of downtown hotels or admission fees to museums.  Memphis on the other hand seems to be trying to minimize development.

There's also a certain laid back, easiness to Memphis that you don't find in Nashville.

Granted, these are my personal observations after only 2 days in each city.  So maybe I'm reading things wrong.  The bottom line for me is that I enjoyed Memphis more than Nashville.

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